A national initiative is underway to promote the vast benefits and limitless opportunities associated with space exploration and development for students and jobseekers everywhere who may otherwise believe that a future in space and STEM is unattainable for them.

An unprecedented Public-Private Partnership aims to Inspire, Prepare and Employ a diverse, inclusive Space STEM workforce by sharing the excitement of space on a national scale, igniting interest in future careers in STEM and space, and revealing the many ways that space enhances our lives on Earth.

Leaders in the space industry are working together with government, corporations, community organizations and academic institutions to launch this transformative public awareness campaign – Space4All.

By 2025, we will be short 3.5 million STEM workers


Black and Hispanic workforce representation in aerospace and defense industry


Representation of women is the lowest in engineering among the major science and engineering job categories

We can do something about it

A Unified Industry/Government Approach

Women In Aerospace, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Club for the Future and Space Foundation, along with the US Department of Education, are leading a unified industry/government partnership to help fill the future workforce needs of a diverse, thriving space sector by creating:

  • A National Space STEM Awareness Campaign that resonates with the target audiences and aligns with national priorities.
  • A compelling brand identity that unifies the space industry and easily integrates into any space initiative.
  • A Space Champions network that leverages the strength of museums, afterschool programs, Dept of Education channels, into one national ecosystem

Focusing on the Next Generation of Space and STEM Workers

  • K-12 and college students, with emphasis on underserved students and communities.
  • Early and second career professionals, including skilled technical workers
  • Parents, caregivers, educators, community leaders and organizations who have influence with these groups

“Inspire, prepare and employ…Space is for all!”
– Dr. Sian Proctor

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